Condo Sub Assoc.

Sunland Village East consists of 1657 single family residential units and 780 single story, single family condominium units.   The condominiums are divided into four (4) separately managed groups:  235 Garden Condo I & II units, 273 Garden Condo III units, 128 Golf Condo I units and 144 Golf 
Condo II units  (see map).   
Sunland Village East Homeowners Association is the master association with a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected from residential and condo owners. The BOD of the master association is responsible for maintaining the Community Association office and amenities such as the swimming pools, fitness centers, sports courts, auditorium, etc.   
Each individual condo association elects a volunteer Board of Directors from owners within their individual condo group, who in turn contract with a management company for the upkeep of the exterior of the condo structures and the condo grounds.
Condo Name Website Upcoming Meetings/Events
Garden Condo I & II
(2064 S Farnsworth)
(7950 E Keats) Meets the 3rd Tuesday from 2-4 PM in the Saguaro room
Garden Condo III
(8020,8021,8160,8161,8260,8261 E Keats)
(8255, 8256 E Kiva)
(2105 S Zinnia) Meets the 3rd Tuesday from 11-2 PM in the Oakwood room
Golf Condo I
(2310, 2311 S Farnsworth)
  Meets the 3rd Wednesday from 1:20-3:30 PM in the Saguaro room
Golf Condo II & Golf View
(7755 E Laguna Azul)
(7746 E Laguna Azul) Meets the 4th Monday from 2-4 PM in the Saguaro room and the 4th Thursday from 3-5 PM in the Oakwood room
Below are hyperlinks to additional useful information specific to the SVE Condo Associations:
Heywood Management- Garden Condo 1&2
Cornerstone Management- Garden Condo III
Trestle Management- Golf condo I