Meet the Board

A Homeowners Association doesn't just run itself. It takes committed folks willing to dedicate their time and energy to their community. The Sunland Village East Board of Directors volunteer their time to cultivate and provide oversight in a variety of areas that make our neighborhood a desirable place to live.
The following are the 2023 Board of Directors:
President: David Evans Vice President: Theodore Boehm
~~ ~~
Treasurer: Michael Lauer Secretary: Carmella Mongold
~~ ~~
Architectural Control: Courtney Bohlender
Security and Safety: Gary Nault
~~ ~~
Member at Large: Autom Underwood  
Position      Name           Term Expires Email
President David Evans 2024
Vice President Theodore Boehm 2024
Secretary Carmella Mongold 2024
Treasurer Michael Lauer 2025
Architectural Control Courtney Bohlender 2025
Security and Safety Gary Nault 2024
Member at Large Autom Underwood 2025
"The Sunland Village East Board of Directors is comprised of seven members in good standing who have staggered terms of office. Directors shall be elected for a term of two (2) years unless otherwise determined by the Board to re-create staggered terms. The procedure for determining which Director shall serve a one-year or two-year term shall be established by the Board prior to the election."  ( SVE Bylaw Article 7.1.1.)
Board of Directors Code of Conduct: Board Code of Conduct
Board of Directors meeting minutes can be found here: minutes
Sunland Village East Financial records can be found here: financials
For additional information on the Bylaws pertaining to the HOA Board of Directors and their responsibilities, please see bylaws.