In this area of our website we will try to answer frequently asked questions.  If you can't find the answer here or in other areas of our site, please contact us by email (sve@svehoa.com), by phone during business hours (480-380-0106), or by completing the e-forms on the "Connect with Us" portion of the website.  We will respond to your questions or concerns as quickly as possible.
1.  What happens when I "Register" on the SVE website.
The SVE website is a PUBLIC website, which means it is available on the world-wide-web to be viewed by anyone using a web browser.  Some areas of our site, however, have been designated as MEMBERS pages.  MEMBERS pages contain information that is useful only to residents of SVE.  When an SVE resident "Registers," the website sends the registrants information to the SVE website administrator who will, during normal office hours, verify that the requestor is a current SVE resident and will then "authorize" the resident to have access to the Members pages/files within our website.  Once authorized, the requestor will receive an email stating their approval status and it will provide a "Reset Password Link."  The approved Member can then click on that link to receive instructions to set up their unique password.  An authorized Member can then access website pages/files that require a user name and password.  A Member's user name and password must be entered the first time a user visits a Members page.  After Logging Out, the user must re-enter their user name a password on their next visit to the site.
2.  Will information I submit when I register for the website directory change the information in the annual Community Directory? 
The short answer is No.   We hope that someday we can eliminate the paper copy of the SVE Directory in favor of online member information, but until more of our residents indicate they are ready to go all digital, we will continue to provide a paper directory in addition to our website copy.  
 If website Members would like their information included in the online Member Directory, when they register they must check the Show Profile on Member Directory box:
By doing so your information will appear to other Members on the Directory page of our site.  You can select what information you would like to have included.  By entering the information on the website directory, it does NOT change the records for our Community Directory book printed by the office each year.  To change the information shown in the Community Directory book, please complete a Directory Information form and submit it to the office.
3.  What rules do I follow when driving on streets within the community?
The streets within SVE (with the exception of some condominium streets) are owned and maintained by the City of Mesa, therefore, all City of Mesa driving and parking rules apply.  Golf carts, as well as other motor vehicles, must be licensed and follow city rules.  Any person driving a golf cart must be licensed.  Golf carts may not be operated within the bicycle lanes.  Please obey the speed limits as posted.
4.  How can I find specific Rules & Regulations pertaining to the use of the different amenities within the SVE?
Many of the rules and regulations are printed in our Community Directory.  If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact our SVE office.
5.  Mail boxes located within the SVE community are the sole property of the United States Postal Service.  The Post Office servicing our community located at 9855 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ  85209-9998.  Their hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  (closed on Saturday & Sunday).  The Post Office is responsible for taking care of damaged boxes or replacement box keys. 
6. Trash/Recycle Barrels Collection Schedule: Beginning September 13, 2021, trash and recycling collection days changed. New collection days for homes in SVE are:
Trash (Black) Barrel = Monday;         Recycle (Blue & Green) Barrels = Every other Thursday (beginning 9/16) 
Please remember to have the barrel in the gutter by 6 a.m. on collection day, including all holidays, to ensure service.  For more information on trash collection and for updated information on condo trash schedules, please visit mesaaz.gov/waste or call City of Mesa Customer Service at (480)644-2221. On this same website the City of Mesa provides information about disposal of various types of waste.  

7.  When can I put my Trash Barrel out for collection?  
SVE's RCC&Rs 4.1.19 (Garbage Cans) states that garbage cans must be kept in the garage or screened from view of all neighbors, except when they are placed on the street or in front of the residential unit for collection. Cans are not to be  put on the street prior to 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled pickup day, and must be removed by 6:00 p.m. the day serviced by collectors. For specific condo residence information please refer to the individual condo associations. 
8. So how do the 'Fobs' work?
Two (2) Door Access Devices (also referred to as a "Key Fob") are assigned to each residence. Key Fobs are used to obtain access to many of the SVE facility rooms/amenities. Rooms must be pre-scheduled through the office by the using club, group or individual before access will be authorized. Access is assigned by specific fob number, and fobs are not interchangeable with other residents. For more complete information, refer to the Access Device Agreement documentation. When a property is sold or the title is otherwise transferred, the Key Fob should remain with the home.  Access Devices used by Renters must be authorized by the home owner. Replacement cost of a lost Access Device is $25. 
More FAQs to come.....