Concert Series

The SVE Concert Series consists of 6 shows, spanning over the months of January-March generally every other week at two show times (3pm and 7pm). Doors open up 30 minutes prior to the show.
General Ticket Sales:
Start June 1, 2023 online, in the HOA Office or at 480-380-0106
Individual tickets for shows 
Will be available in the HOA office following the conclusion of the show before. 
Concert Series 2024
3PM & 7PM Show times
Gold: $110, Silver: $95, Bronze: $85
2024 Concert Series Ticket Information:
Why are we going digital?
There are many positives to going with a new system for the Concert Series, and we hope you are excited about the changes as well!  
1. You do not need to keep track of small tickets for a whole year. We know many people move from different houses, or simply forget where they go after such a long time. With the new system, you can print out your tickets or show them on your smartphone the day of the show. No more remembering where your tickets are at, just search in your inbox and you will find them!  
2. With the new system we are also able to communicate better with our concert attendees as we can send out mass email updates specifically for those registered. It helps keep you informed in case there is any information that you need to know.  
3. And lastly, those who want to purchase tickets for the first time and cannot come into the office can quickly check online for what is available, purchase them, and receive them immediately.  
Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the Concert Series and the ticketing experience!