In addition to our elected Board of Director's and our hard working office staff, we have several volunteer committee's anxious to make your living experience here at Sunland Village East enjoyable.  These committee are frequently in need of additional volunteer help.  If you are willing to help, please contact the committee chair listed below for details:
Committee Delegated Responsibilities Chair Board Liaison Recurring Meeting Time/Location
  Established Per Bylaws      
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Implement ACC Governing Document
Courtney Bohlender
Architectural Control
Tuesdays 8:30am
Small Card Room
Elections Committee Implement Elections IAW our governing documents Doug Spencer President N/A
Nominating Committee Solicit nominations IAW our Bylaws Linda Rowland President N/A
  Established Per Board of Directors      
Bingo Committee Conduct Bingo IAW Arizona Statutes
Linda Stougard
Neighborhood Watch Committee
Develop Neighborhood Watch Program
Coordinate with SVE Security Firm
Coordinate Effort with Local Law Enforcement
Boyd Tong
Security and Safety N/A
Pool Committee
Develop remodeling Concepts for all pools​
Conduct Source Selection of Pool Designer in association with Strategic Planning Committee – Jan 1, 2022​
Prepare ballot measure for pool remodel approval – May 2022​
Coordinate with Strategic Planning Committee for Major Upgrades (New Lap Pool) – Sep 1, 2022​
Carol Daughtery Member at Large N/A
Volunteer Committee
Coordinate volunteers to support neighbors/association​
”Welcome Wagon” to all new residents – ongoing​
Support Association Staff as requested - ongoing​
Cindy Rouse Member at Large
Last Wednesday of the month 1:30pm
Saguaro Room
Building Committee (Multiuse)
Assist PM with issues as they arise​
Agree to Occupancy Limitations – 15 Dec 2021​
Interior Impact to Shell (If any) – 30 Dec 2021​
Interior Construction Approach – 31 Jan 2022​
How do we ensure that Classroom 2 remains multi-use? – 15 Jan 2022​
  Treasurer N/A
Strategic Planning
Research feasibility, cost, and benefits to hiring a professional strategic planner
Kim Harding Secretary N/A
Governing Documents Ad-Hoc *Review the governing documents Carmella Mongold Secretary N/A
Board Research Group Per Board of Directors needs Linda Trappett Member at Large N/A
Donations Policy Ad-Hoc Review and provide recommendations for SVE donations policy amendments Gary Nault ACC Chair/Secretary N/A